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39 - Laundry, Towels and Cell Phones


39 - Laundry, Towels and Cell Phones

Gaming News

Miitomo is out. It’s a thing!

WiiU to stop production 2016 according to Nikkei

Nintendo also to stop production of DS game cards.

Final Fantasy XV release date announced, September 30th. It is also getting a prequel movie, as well as a short anime series based around the time of the beginning of the game. The special edition was $270 and very limited.

There was a leaked NX controller! ...it was fake, twice!

Microsoft asks if people would sell back their digital titles.

Sony VR announced, $499 bundle that includes the unit, game, camera and two Move remotes. $399 for the standalone unit.

Overwatch Tracer character has been edited from its previously ‘sexual pose’.

Dark Souls 3 was released 3 weeks earlier in Japan with English copies distributed to select streamers, internet was upset.

Hitman releases first chapter, gets slammed by reviews for ‘unnecessary episodic nature’ despite having ‘great gameplay’.

StarFox Zero will be including a no-death easy mode, internet is mad.


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